kinetiv tfr sito plus?????

alright anyone ever tried this on there tfr and how does it do????

it looks alright i have an 04 last of the orig tfr's with the box style exhaust

Re: kinetiv tfr sito plus?????

fuck that, get a legit expansion chamber pipe like the estoril or simonini

Re: kinetiv tfr sito plus?????

Sito plus is slightly better than stock. But pretty lame as far as expansion chambers go. Take a look at this write up on vespa pipes. All or Most of these could be made to fit. Some will bolt right up.

Re: kinetiv tfr sito plus?????

^ it's lame cause its not even an expansion chamber. Might as well cut a small hole in your stock exhaust, and save up for a real pipe... and jets of course!

Re: kinetiv tfr sito plus?????

I put one on my friend's TFR a while back. It bolted right up with no modification which leads me to believe that any Ciao pipe will fit with little to no modification. When I installed this pipe, I also drilled some holes in the air box and upjetted to a 56 (i think) jet. This added some power over stock but nothing very impressive. Really the only positive thing (and this is subjective) about the sito is that it is almost as quiet as the stock pipe. You would be better served with an actual performance pipe. has several in stock. I'll stick to the cheaper ones listed as in stock.

I've heard good things about the simmonini circuit but I don't have one

The polini country gets a pretty bad rap but I think it works well. Even better with a variator. Fairly cheap, fits perfectly, nice little mid to upper mid boost.

I have one of these in my quiver

The Tehcno circuit is a smoking deal for $65. I have one of these on my Orange ciao. I would say that this is comparable to the polini country with more low end boost. Id say this is your best bang for your buck for less than $100.

Supposedly the Proma Circuit is back in production. I have heard lots of good things about the vespa version of this pipe. Unfortunately, no one on this side of the pond seems to have any vespa versions of the reissue yet. Some one should get some because I want at least one for my collection.

Re: kinetiv tfr sito plus?????

Sorry, the techno circuit is $75. Still a great deal though.

Re: kinetiv tfr sito plus?????

i had a simonini proline on my tfr. you have to lose the center stand but other than that it mounted up fine. lost a little power off the line but nothing that cant be made up with a pedaling a bit off the line. went from about 23 mph totally stock to 34 with the simo, pantyhose air filter, and 57 jet.

Re: kinetiv tfr sito plus?????

alright guys walk me through this panty hose filter i i here it all the time?

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