Pipe for Negrini?

whatter some good pipes for a Negrini 77 MX Sport, it's got a morini m2, stock pipe is shitty & rusty, exhaust is on the left side...

Re: Pipe for Negrini?

i dont know if the franco morini has any readily available pipes. you could always find one you like and hack and weld

Re: Pipe for Negrini?

Godzilla /

yeah that's prety much what I thought

*exhaust on the RIGHT, not left...

Re: Pipe for Negrini?

For my NVT (Morini MO2), I bought a Tomos Techno Circuit from treats, dremeled the flange a LOT, and it worked just fine. The rear mount wasn't anywhere near the stock mount, so I went to the hardware store and got a ~3" spring and, uh, sprung it from the mount to the swingarm pivot. Loads of low end now, still only about 29 on the top end.. Just..Can't..Go..Faster..Yarg.

Re: Pipe for Negrini?

I have one faco pipe for the MOrini motor. no mods needed to mount. just upjet


Re: Pipe for Negrini?

picture of it


Re: Pipe for Negrini?

and on my morini


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