a3 carb relocation?

Have the del. and really want to put a filter on it. I wonder if anybodys made a intake that goes to the side so carb sits beside frame.

Re: a3 carb relocation?

I made one. Other people have made one. You can make one. Nobody sells one. I think copper pipe is your best bet. I made mine out of hose, and it sorta works... except for leaking like crazy (although some of that is the carb itself) and being super long and janky.

Re: a3 carb relocation?

any pics? Could I just get the same diameter tube, and jb weld it on like that? Would the length of intake affect anything?

Re: a3 carb relocation?

just get two 45 degree bendy copper pipes and a straight one that's slightly smaller in diameter, braze them together. that's what i did. it worked out beautifully although i've now limited my pedal travel.

as far as the length goes, your guess is as good as mine.

Re: a3 carb relocation?

the best way to do it, in my opinion, is this:

buy a 14:14 delorto with intake, from an A55 engine.

it will mount perfectly to the intake for the A3.

you need to cut the intake a bit on the carb side so that the angle is better (I did it without cutting it, and it's really easy to accidentally kick it with your foot from your pedals), but a dremel and 15 minutes should be all it takes.

It's a better carb (extra tuning action!) and the intakes and the carbs are available and common, since a lot of people have kitted their A55s, and have upgraded their carbs/intakes in the process.

I've gotten them for around $40.

They take weird delorto jets, so that might be annoying, but while they are different than your typical delorto jets, they are super common, since A55's are everywhere.

two cents.

Re: a3 carb relocation?

You can buy the A55 intake from this link for around 9 dollars: http://www.tomosdirect.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=3_15_45_49&products_id=1182

As Zachary said, it will bolt right on. This is the part number: 233721

Re: a3 carb relocation?

Oh, forgot to mention that you can use the stock carb with this setup.

Re: a3 carb relocation?

the delorto you have a clamp mount.

the a55 is a hose mount.

slightly different. I like the a55 carb better. It's way more tunable. And like I said they are available, used, for cheap. Post up on the buy/sell, you might be surprised about how cheap.

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