50 mph morini dead??

so on my ride home tonight i lost my second gear.

havent opend it up yet to check it out but i am gonna rebuild it in the morning. hopefully i can get some pics of the engine apart cause god knows no one has ever seen the inside of these things.

i have put 2,816 miles on this ped sence i kitted it. so im glad it was the bottom end and not the kit. they havent made these kits in 15 years. but i will keep you all posted on the rebuild

Re: 50 mph morini dead??

Just might be the springs are toast.

Did you hear it anything.. like metal to metal sounds?

Take the oil drip stick out so you can get the side cover off.


Re: 50 mph morini dead??

Them mo1/mo2/MOk reedvalve conversion kits for the Franco Morini engines are ... super duper nice quality since there made by Gila ;) I bet a nice port match is a sweet addition to this kit.

Re: 50 mph morini dead??


That 2 speed can be a bitch to take apart/reassemble...I have done it, with the manual...any questions just ask..

Re: 50 mph morini dead??

Bummer; I'll bring a copy of the service manual next weekend.

Re: 50 mph morini dead??

i have a parts MO2 i'd be happy to give you parts off of.

Re: 50 mph morini dead??

awesome thanks peter.

im about to go tear into it i will let you all know soon

Re: 50 mph morini dead??

ok so i m try ing to get the clutches off of the crank. i have removed the first lock nut and now i cant get the larger one off

any one know how to remove these clutches or have a sevice manual that you can post pics of ???? moped riders only has a manual for the m1

Re: 50 mph morini dead??


so i sheerd a woodrof key on the second gear she is back and kickin.

while it was apart i slotted the clutches and lighten them a bit she runs better than ever

but hey peter if you want to get rid of the parts engine i may be interested

Re: 50 mph morini dead??

A happy ending, yes!!! Seriously gonna ride it to LA? May Jesus be with you my son.

Re: 50 mph morini dead??

eh the worst that could happen is the bus picks me up when it rolls through

Re: 50 mph morini dead??

on the bright side I have aquired a few more of these polini kits for the M02/M01 all new


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