Stock Maxi max performance (jets)

What's the best jet setup to get max performance out of a stock Maxi 1.5 hp.

I have a derestricted exhaust, 14 mm bing with 14 mm intake, widemouth intake on the cylinder. Right now i'm running a stock airbox with no restrictor tube and a 58 jet.

I know i can keep on changing jets and drilling holes in the airbox but has someone already done this setup? Any advice on jet and airbox?

Re: Stock Maxi max performance (jets)

I run a leo vince exhaust...stock cylinder/head. 15 bing/14 intake with a 72 jet and needle 2 from the top. It's worth getting a good low/midrange pip for a stock setup... the stock pipe is worthless.

Re: Stock Maxi max performance (jets)

how fast can you go

Re: Stock Maxi max performance (jets)

don't forget....gearing is a big issue in terms of your top speed. my gearing is 15 front sprocket and 42 rear and i'm in the low 30's. if you gear the bike won't have any low end....but a higher top speed. when i bought the bike it was a 12 toothed front sprocket (as opposed to the 15) and it topped out around 25ish. Now, I could have just changed gearing...and make it into the low 30's, but it might take a long time to get there because the motor will not have the added torque/hp to get moving as fast. if any of that makes sense? Take into consideration...I live in Pittsburgh.... we have lots of very steep hills. i'm sure if i was on flat land all the time... i could gear the bike out more and get into the 40's.

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