over carbing a ZA50?

I'm going to install a 15 bing with the bigger intake on a ZA50, with a techno boss exhaust. is that too much carb or can I make it work with the rite mix of jets and needles?

Re: over carbing a ZA50?

you shuld be fine. check the wiki tuning sheet. I am sure someone has a similar setup to start from on jetting range

Re: over carbing a ZA50?

TwoSpeedTony /

You're going to need to either fabricate or buy a spacer for the intake to the carb will clear the engine case. Or bore out the old intake.

Re: over carbing a ZA50?

he could probably just use his original intake with no changes if it's stamped 14mm. the 14mm stamped intakes are really close to 15mm actual size.

Re: over carbing a ZA50?

that's my set up... you'll be fine... is it 50cc?

i now have a 70cc kit on it...

before with the stock piston it was cool. just mess with your jetting.. i live right next to the beach so it took me a while to really get a good jetting for both night and day, without having to switch it all the time..

right now night temperatures are in the mid 40's and there's a lot of moisture.. but of course jetting really depends on your area my friend..

Re: over carbing a ZA50?

get a 21

Re: over carbing a ZA50?

80 or 82 jet

Re: over carbing a ZA50?

I'm gonna be runnig the stock top end it pulls really well, but my carb is junk so I figured why not go from the 12mm to the 15mm with the square bottom intake that they sell @1977

with a techno boss exhaust and then maybee a kit later

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