a3 clutches into a a55?

are they even close to fitting in?


Re: a3 clutches into a a55?

John Joedicke /

Will not work.

Re: a3 clutches into a a55?

They don't swap. Tomos changed a bunch of things making it so the clutches wont swap between the A3 and the A35. The clutch pad pins are different sizes, the 1st speed clutch hub spline is different so it wont fit on the crankshaft, The clutch hub ID is different. Even the gear pitch is different (diagonal cut vs. straight cut). It doesn't matter though. You could modify the A35/A55 clutch hubs to accept the A3 shoes but its not really worth it. The only difference function wise is the clutch friction material. Use epoxy to bond new friction material on your A35/A55 clutch shoes and your good to go. MCmaster sells all sorts of friction material in all sorts of sizes and even offers different hardness options. One thing that works well is rubber impregnated gasket material. Its similar cork to the stock clutches but its a bit tougher. Its great for repairing worn clutch shoes and shouldn't wear your clutch bell any more than stock shoes. Modify your clutch springs or add a green spring to your second gear clutch while your in there to adjust your shift rpm for better performance.

Re: a3 clutches into a a55?

Not my video, probably someone here?

But might be a solution, might be epic fail, dont have A3.

Re: a3 clutches into a a55?

^^*^^ I'm trying that. Seems like fun.

Re: a3 clutches into a a55?

That's my video. Been running this setup for probably 1000 miles on my 48 MPH a35. Works great. You wont be disappointed.

Re: a3 clutches into a a55?

Bump. Is the video above the best way to make this swap? About to do it.

Re: a3 clutches into a a55?

That way of doing it works really good. Usually the cutting disc is the same width of the pins but the older a3 have a round center like a barbell and those snap really easy. The newer models have a flat middle like the a35, and a55 but smaller. I dont know the years in wich they change the pins but there is a difference. Also to add I have had differnt A3 clutch segments. One set was a really durable pad ligning but the shitty metal they were made of broke in my pockets before installing. I was able to use one set and they ripped for about a day before they broke. I also had a couple sets with a better friction pad and those rocked and are still rocking for about three years. I also got ahold of some that had the full covrage cork that were a3. Im not sure what exactly what years they were off of but they were differnt. The good ones thet lasted had the better pins as did the cork ones but I did get good ones with the shitty pins. maybe the differnt years lapped each other.

Sorry for the mispelling as I am a little buzzed at the moment.

Hope this helps

Also now if I am going to do the swap I just drill them to take the A55 pins.

Re: a3 clutches into a a55?

.♠.MSG .♠. /

It's easy, I've done 3 sets for people. You send me clutch and I'll mod to fit

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