Goodbye Peugeot 103.....

Andy /
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Or... what happens when you break both snap rings...


The damage

This sure ain't salvageable

Could probably re-use the head with a little dremeling...

and last but not least, thank you... little snap ring, you get a F for the day, you little fucker.

It's a pretty big bummer, this was my first moped, took super good care of it and slowly have been upgrading it and leaning how to tune. That kit was going to rip and I had JUST gotten it dailed PERFECTLY with my new phbg. I was idling, just started to accelerate, and BAM, uuuuuuh shit.

What this means for this poor little bike is it probably won't be running for some time (unemployment). The plan now is (since this is that SUPER RARE non-variated 103LS with the shorter crank) is to re-build the whole god damn fucking engine from the ground up. New crank, new case, bearings, seals, new kit, and VARIATOR!

I could take the case apart, make sure it's clean, dremel out the head and put the stock engine back on, but I'm not going to. It's a strange relief in some way, as the stress of unemployment and spending countless hours wrenching on this moped weren't really working for me... one of them had to go. Maybe it was some karmic force coming down, seizing my engine because down the block I would have had my head knocked off by some semi.... whatever helps ya sleep at night, ha.

Now I'll be sputtering around on my stock moby at 30mph around dolores and through the wiggle for a few months, hell maybe even a year considering this GREAT RECESSION we're in-- until' I can save ~$500 so I can break a whole new performance set-up.

anyways, enjoy the photos :P

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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