49cc V1 techno hunter

got my v1 blasting in the high 30s from 24mph max downhill.

opened up the transfers and intake

14/12 carb

#68 jet

screen filter

techno hunter pipe

stock gears

Re: 49cc V1 techno hunter

the human house /

did yo uget that intake

Re: 49cc V1 techno hunter

Ha, savas are so horrible in the snow.

Re: 49cc V1 techno hunter

no intake yet

savas do ok in the snow

Re: 49cc V1 techno hunter

hey i have a cimatti with a v1 minarelli engine. all stock does 35 flat out and 37 down hill. All i did is change the gear oil and do a little trick i know. But could you take a pic of your ports like how big did you go? thanks.

Re: 49cc V1 techno hunter

i would have left mine alone if it did 35!

i kinda wish i would have stoped the first time i ported just very little ,it ran great and it was quiet with the stock pipe.

problem was the rusty tank kept clogging the 58 jet so my power would come and go.

now i have steady power its a blast but its tooooo loud! i want my stock sound back .

i dont have any pics ,i will take some next time i pull it apart.

whats ur trick?

Re: 49cc V1 techno hunter

i actually love the sound dude. looks crazy. i like your hedlight. the pipe sounds wicked.

Re: 49cc V1 techno hunter

well these are all little race tricks. But when i bought my moped i took the stock pipe i configured a mix of oil and gas i would need if i bored the last whole on my exhaust. Which i went from 40:1 to 32:1 but 100% synthetic with higher octane fuel. second this is a little secret i learned because on the minarelli u cant mill the head let me find a pic. On the spark plug there is a little rubber gasket between the 2 washers. you cut it out and that gives in a small amount but noticeable higher compression. Also change your gear oil to a little lighter oil so your acceleration is better and i use a synthetic 5w 30 motor oil that works just fine. um i can't think of much else right now but if i think of anything else ill tell u.


Re: 49cc V1 techno hunter

post up a pic of the milled head. im gonna change my oil like you say.

Re: 49cc V1 techno hunter

i just tried the biturbo it runs rich with the #68 but i think once i down jet i should break 40mph.


i think you would like the sound of the tecno ciruit on there. ill make a video/audio of the pipe ,it has a higher ping to it ,kinda like a dirtbike, i like it but its too loud for my quiet hood.

i wish i could have a pipe thats fast but not loud so i dont wake the neighbors

Re: 49cc V1 techno hunter

this is how it use to sound ,kinda gay but i could run anytime of the nite

Re: 49cc V1 techno hunter

You mill the jug.

Re: 49cc V1 techno hunter

You can go nuts on them stock cylinder there so much metal that needs to be removed. The exhaust port can be open to 25.4mm....


Re: 49cc V1 techno hunter

ok im thinking with the 14/12 carb its running rich #68 jet i think im going to open the carb up to 14/14

this will make it run more lean right?

Re: 49cc V1 techno hunter

i added a 15mm/#68 jet/biturbo it made a big difference in torque !

you should hear this 50cc scream now

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