ea50 crank arm bushing

hey everyone.

well, its that time of year again. time to get ready for the new season! hooray!. anyways, i had my piston off the other day (puch maxi) and i noticed that the bushing that holds the wristpin to the crank arm is off center. the little brass bushing is so off center that you can see through the little oil hole cut in the bushing.

so, i tried to push it back in but just managed to mess it up a bit. any suggestions? will this pwn my bike if i leave it like this?

thanks everyone!

Re: ea50 crank arm bushing

a little background on my bike:

70cc parmakit

homoet 4p

dellorto 15mm sha

wont idle. i have airleaks and stuff but i can fix them. tried all kinds of new gaskets and silicone and all that shit.

Re: ea50 crank arm bushing


no one has any help for me?

Re: ea50 crank arm bushing

ez da snow man !! /

you say ea50.... do you mean ZA-50: or E-50,anyway i would take it out and replace it w/ a roller bearing...

Re: ea50 crank arm bushing

Also, that is not the crank arm which you are referring to.

Re: ea50 crank arm bushing


im a dick

i give up


Re: ea50 crank arm bushing

Benji at treats has new bushings for the top end of the rod..

Re: ea50 crank arm bushing

how do u install new one with out destroying them like i did?



Re: ea50 crank arm bushing


Re: ea50 crank arm bushing

yea if you dont have a press, how do you get the old one out and put a new one in? just found out mine is worn down to the point where the wrist pin can move about 10-15

Re: ea50 crank arm bushing

long bolt w/ nut 2 washers, a socket to fit the bushing but small enough to go trough the wrist pin hole and another socket to fit around the other side of the wristpin hole .. assemble and tighten bolt till pops in or out..

Re: ea50 crank arm bushing

Ben Van Zoest /

Since it's partially out chase it out with a new bearing, C-clamp or 10mm bold method.

Order a couple one for practicing. Don't forget to drill the oiling hole and clean the burrs on the INSIDE

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