50cc kit from treats

Ok so I ordered a 50cc kit from treats , what can I expect from this kit ,it says it has bigger intake and exhaust ports ,plus larger transfers , anybody tried one of these kits before that can clue me into what i can get out of it?

Re: 50cc kit from treats

which kits?

Re: 50cc kit from treats

We can tell you very little unless you tell us more about your setup. Do you have an e50 or a za50? What exhaust are you using? What carb? What gearing?

As a generalization, I would say you will probably get more top end and very little low end, unless you gear low and tune your clutch for lots of slip. Oh, and that's also assuming this is the TCCD kit, or a derivation thereof.

Re: 50cc kit from treats

OOps I guess I didnt tell it all , Puch 50 cc e50 14mm carb , 15 mm intake , techno exhaust , 3 shoe clutch , high compression head , 13 tooth front sprocket, 38 tooth rear, goes 40 now was just wondering if I can get more top end without doing any thing else to it

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for 30 you can go to the 70cc kit and be way more happy if your going to go to a aftermarkit kit you should just go big

Re: 50cc kit from treats

or for $0 you can port your 50cc stock cylinder and tune your setup properly and blast all the untuned 70cc kits out there who think they are fast. and be way more happy doing it.

Re: 50cc kit from treats

... but keep in mind that what Mark Ryan is suggesting requires time, learning, and hard work.

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IT does have bigger transfers and a different port map dan, and its probably gonna give ya a little more top end. If you case matched it and all the like , you should be blasting.

I think its got more compression then stock.

neat little top end for the price of a stock cylinder used.

make sure you polish up the exhaust, some of the finish work on these isnt exacly wonderful.


Re: 50cc kit from treats

ya I just wanted a new top end for my daily rider it was getting a bit sluggish toward the end of last season , Ive done nothing but used since I started its time to treats myself to something new

Re: 50cc kit from treats

gear up front sprocket to 16 tooth

if you do go the port polish and hone route...


its exceedingly gratifying to ride a well tuned two stroke, let me tell ya.

Re: if you do go the port polish and hone route...

chamfer your ports and gap your rings or you'll be in frag city in no time. seen a few blowd up.

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