70cc airsal kit experienced riders

I was thinking of getting a 70cc airsal kit for my 05 tomos A35 and already have a size 56 jet in with my tecnigas next exhaust and am doing about 40. i was just wondering if i put this kit on how many mph would i expect to gain and whats the deal with breaking it in that i've been hearing about?

Re: 70cc airsal kit experienced riders

Raymond Wright IV /

well, you have to def. get a bigger jet. like high 60s.

and drive maybe 1/2 throttle for a couple miles, maybe 25.

then 3/4 throttle for another 25.

and full for just a couple miles.

im not exactly sure, but thts what i did.

i did past 40(tomos speedo)

Re: 70cc airsal kit experienced riders

yeah i figured i would have to upjet, like a 66? and man that sucks ha idk how im gonna be able to only go 1/2 throttle for 25 miles when i could be runnin like 45 mph and yeah tomos speedo's suck i used to think it was just mine but they're all so inaccurate so where did yours get to on it? like in the letters where it says tomos on the bottom?

Re: 70cc airsal kit experienced riders


Re: 70cc airsal kit experienced riders

51 witha a stock carb? I doubt it! is that gps?

Re: 70cc airsal kit experienced riders

yeah 51..... its on an arrow r with 26/18 gearing and the stock ignition, 71 jet in stock 14mm phva, balanced clutch drum, estoril,

breakin periods

when i break any motor mods in i vary speed, and in manual machines gearing. this allows the rings, gaskets, mated edges, etc, to seat into one another without exposing them to undo wear and tear. also on a two stroke you are liable to get some pretty spectacular detonation if you aren't careful. i always suggest either porting polishing and honing it yourself or going to someone who knows how, as I see that you are in NJ, you may consider talking to Chris at MWH

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