E50 Magneto Side Seal

Ok so here is my setup:

Rebuilt E50

50 TCCD Kit

Hi comp head

14 Bing

Tecno Boss

So far I have TERRIBLE low end. I know this kit is known for bad low end but this is absolutely ridiculous. Wont hardly move on a slight incline. It does absolutely rip once it gets up to about 15-20 mph. I have not been able to find any air leaks. Jetting seems way high compared to other similar setups though. I am currently in the low to mid 70s and the plug still looks a little light.

However, yesterday I popped off the magneto cover and noticed a bit of oil on the bottom of the stator (just a little bit though).

Could a bad seal on the magneto side be the problem? Is it possible to fix the seal on this side without tearing down the engine? I thought I read this somewhere but I have not been able to find those posts again.

Re: E50 Magneto Side Seal

I had a problem with mine leaking too, it wasn't because of the actual seal, but it was leaking oil. and it totally messed up my speed. it was very unreliable. sometimes it would take off, sometimes it just sucked. mine was actually spraying oil and gas out though. i'm almost too embarassed to talk about how it ended up leaking.

Re: E50 Magneto Side Seal

Mine is not spraying out oil or anything, it seems like just a slow leak. Do new seals just need a few hundred miles to break in? Or should they seal completely from day one?

Re: E50 Magneto Side Seal

That is problably not your problem, a very small amout of oil around the seals is not abnormal. Seals like that dont need to be broken in they should seal from day one. Are you sure you dont just need to tighten your clutch springs a bit to let the motor spin up a before you start to move. that is what it sounds like to me. What clutch are you using?

Re: E50 Magneto Side Seal

the human house /

i had horrible seal leak on my metra. would suck in my tranny fluid and burn it. never new it was happening till i changed to motor oil then i was smoking city blocks out . it was fucking crazy. so i repalced them . havent had a chance to test. but i had the same problems you were talking about.

Re: E50 Magneto Side Seal

My clutch is a two-shoe with Paz springs. I have done a little work with it but I would agree that it probably could use some more tuning. It also seems to have better low end when the engine is cold, which kinda points to the clutch too since I am running crappy ATF at the moment.

I guess the jetting just seems to point to an air leak, but I have searched high and low for one and have not found anything. I guess it has been pretty cold though and the kit may not be completely broken in yet...

Re: E50 Magneto Side Seal

Mopeds often run better cold, that's not a sign of anything. The real question is HOW FAR do you have the paz springs turned in on your clutch?

Re: E50 Magneto Side Seal

you willl wont to have your cluch springs 1 to 2 and 3/4 turns out

Re: E50 Magneto Side Seal

I just turned the springs in 3/4 turn more. Sadly its like 20 degrees and snowing here today so I have not had a chance to test it. Just from pulling on the shoes the springs now seem about as tight as they can be without binding. Not sure how far in this equates to though as I cannot remember what I started at when I put the springs in.

Re: E50 Magneto Side Seal

increase your timing advanced a bit

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