Maxi CDI Wiring Diagram

I just picked up an 86 maxi which needs some serious electrical help. I have never wired up a moped with a cdi unit, which this ped has. Anyone have a wiring diagram they can toss me so that I can get this beast rolling? It has an e50, though I have a za50 that I'd to mount up, assuming that's possible.


Re: Maxi CDI Wiring Diagram

I'm pretty sure that the za50 rotates in the opposite direction, so i dunno how that'd work. plus, 80s e50s are supposed to be pretty neat.

Re: Maxi CDI Wiring Diagram

is it a stock cdi unit? because then you've got a korado motor. there's a page in the wiki on the different kinds of e50 engine there are, you can poke around in there to find out which kind you have. then, use the appropriate wiring diagram from the 1980-1981 puch shop manual which you can link to from the main puch page in the wiki. i have never wired a korado, but i'm pretty sure there's a diagram for it in there.

Re: Maxi CDI Wiring Diagram

its not a korado motor, just post.. 86 i think. korados never got two speeds. if you want to take a picture of the stator, CDI box and wiring harness coming out of the stator, i'm sure i could figure it out just by looking at it. If it has 12v lights there is probably one lighting coil and one ignition coil, both grounded to the engine, with two wires coming out of the stator. i think it is all internally triggered, so it should just be ground, spark plug, and ignition into the CDI box and the lights are run in parellel.

if you want specifics put up some pics and i'll see what i can figure out. never worked on one, but its all the same shit basically.

ps. might have better luck in repair forum.

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