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So I turn 15 in about a month and I plan on getting my moped license and buying a new 2008 Tomos LX, but I don't really know what I'm going to put on it yet. I definitely want it to go as fast as it can go, without doing any really difficult modifications. I think I'll start off with putting on an Imperial Blitz (Wo Wo) pipe and a 22 tooth sprocket in the back and a 27 in the front (my whole town is flat and there aren't many lights). How fast will I go once i do this?

Also, if the speed isn't as high as I'd like it to be, I'm considering putting the 70cc Airsal kit on with a new carb. Will there be a big difference between this and just the pipe and sprockets? And which carb would be the best for this setup?

If anyone can answer my questions or suggest other things that can be done to increase speed it would be greatly appreciated.

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kyle, I applaud your ability to write english in a way that is read-able. your punctuation is also very advanced compared to most of the teenagers that post on this site. so good job there.

a.) get used to riding the bike how it is, first. Then go for a smaller sprocket. get used to that. then a derestricted air filter. get used to that. if you need more speed, then get a pipe. don't make your bike faster than the rider's ability to control it.

b.) use the search feature. it seems like you have a decent idea of what to do already, but this has been covered a billion times, and using the search feature will help you out quite a bit.

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Thanks for the compliment. The last thing I want to do is make myself seem like one of those annoying little kids that wastes everybody's time by typing in a stupid way.

a.) I definitely didn't plan on doing this right away, before I got used to the bike. I also have many years experience from riding and racing dirt bikes (which most likely fueled my "need for speed" before I even got the moped), so I don't really think handling it will be much of a problem. But, it never hurts to play it safe.

b.) Thanks for pointing out the search feature of this site, I didn't realize that was there. I've almost been in a frenzy of excitement knowing that I will soon be able to ride a moped (legally), so I just posted without really looking around hoping to get some quick answers.

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i have a StreetmateR prolly the heaviest bike by tomos with the A55.

out of the box it did a quick honest 32mph

after a $12 24T rear sprocket(any smaller requires modification to the rim) it broke 40mph.

honestly dude your a youngin. buy the sprocket and call it a day, unless of course you have madd rich parents or somthing.

i hear good things about the blitz, cept the fact its ugly. a new air filter is gonna make your bike soo loud.

for real, just the sprocket.


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Get used to riding your moped first then do modifications to it. derestrict your air filter, by cutting off the snorkel (long rubber tube thing in your airfilter. You can go with a 20 tooth rear sprocket but you have to add spacers between that and your rim since its so small. You might go like 33 with the sprocket since most of the LX's I've ridden on seemed to top out at 28 stock. Then get the Imperial Blitz pipe. That pipe will definitely help your low end once you put a smaller sprocket on. It will also get better mid range and top end. But don't forget to upjet. If your not satisfied with the speed your getting which might be around 40 you could put a kit on but, my moped seemed to go only 2-3 mph more with the kit. I have a 17.5mm PHVA Del'lorto carburetor with might be the best bet. Then you might want to get a uni pod air filter. That basically what I have and I'm GPSing 46.

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Raymond Wright IV /

zach covered everything i've done already.

an LX with a 22 tooth sprocket will get you 38mph on the speedometer with no wind.

the pipe and air filter got me to break 40mph, but im like 200lbs.

but like zach said, get used to it, and move up as you go along.

it's no rush.

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ive got a 2008 Tomos Arrow R..... i have about 400 mile on an Airsal 70cc kit matched to a Tecno estoril pipe....... as for the carb, i am using the stock 14mm PHVA and stock intake manifold........ jetted with a 71, and unipod air filter, 18t rear gear, and balanced clutch drum, i am pushing 51 on the flats...... in using the free flow air filters you make your bike way louder, however with a kit you really dont want to use the stock airbox......

what i would suggest is

1. get your pipe (i recommend the estoril or bullet, the bullet being a louder pipe built similar to the "bi-turtle")

2. changer your rear sprocket to a 22t (some modding may need to be done

3. jet to a 58 and run on the borderline lean side..... the tomos 50cc is practically bulletproof

4. run the stock airbox

when i had my bike tuned this way i was reaching 42-44 mph.

i think that if youre planning on going faster than 50-55 on a moped, you should think twice a bout buying it......you might kick yourself in the ass and wishing you bought a motorcycle.... good luck

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Thanks for all the input everyone. I do have one question though. What exactly does upjetting or downjetting do?

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the jet controls the amount of gasoline that goes from your carb to your engine. when you put a different air box, or pipe, on your bike, you will be increasing the air flow. you need to increase the gas flow to match the increased air flow. too much air = not enough fuel/lubrication. too much air = not running, or in extreme cases, = moped blowing up. If there's not enough fuel/lubrication, the bike will get too hot, the piston will seize, explodo.

On a similar note, make sure to change your transmission oil early and often. I recommend tracking down some Motul Transoil, and changing it AT LEAST every 500 miles. Those trannies are finicky, but changing the oil will give them a lot more life.

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Ok thanks. How do you know exactly how much more you need to up the jet if you put a new part on?

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that question is one you'll be asking for the rest of your life. while there are things that can be estimated, there really isn't a right answer. like "this bike" plus "this part" in "this place" during "this time of year" with "this rider" plus "this many miles" = who the fuck knows? do some searching for "jetting" and "plug chops". it'll point you in the right direction.

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Just adding spacers to the rear will put the sprockets out of alignment. Better to carefully machine a step on the edge of the hub to let the edge of the chain have room. Allow for normal wear, too, which will cause the chain to run deeper in the sprocket.

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or just bolt on a 22 and don't mod anything. do you really need that little bit of extra speed? by Tomo does near 40 with a 22t and an airbox. It starts every time, and is torquey as balls. Why would I go through all the trouble of machining a wheel? I never got that.

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Good advice on this post! Another thing to keep in mind, modifications to the engine will void your warranty. Most dealers would consider pipes and high-flow air filters in this category, except perhaps if they sold you a customized bike. If you read the Tomos warranty, you'd conclude real performance mods will result in no support if other things break in your engine. And real performance mods put more strain on the clutches, engine bearings, etc. So, it would be a good idea to stick to the simple things until you've run out your warranty.

One thing I learned, the Tomos pipe actually works pretty well at eliminating the 2-cycle smoke (it has a catalyst), if you don't let it get fouled with oil. Unfortunately, a proper break-in doesn't really let the catalyst get hot enough to work. If you can borrow an old, stock pipe that isn't plugged and use it for the first 300 miles, your catalytic pipe will work, maybe for a long time, once you can run at full throttle. I liked the catalyst because, much to my surprise, no oil ever dripped out of the end of the pipe onto my garage floor.

I did the simple airbox mods. You might want to save the rubber snorkel tube to use as a sound-restricting air inlet. Some people drill holes in the far end of the airbox, but they let sound out, too. If you take a 7/8" hole saw and cut a hole in the far end, and then re-install that soft-rubber, 90-degree bend, to admit more air, it will help keep the noise level down. The stock airbox has a fairly small intake pipe which draws from a hole in the frame, so the frame helps contain the noise.

Beware of vibration. There are things you can do, so if you have it, ask and people will fill you in on that.

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Nowmally, when you put a performance pipe on a 50cc ped with a Dellorto carb, a jet around 56-58 is going to work just fine.

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It is great to see this young man from New Jersey applying his manners and people skills and being rewarded with such great support. It is nice to see this on MA.

This is how it should be.

A55 mods

This is truly one of the best threads ever posted on MA. Well done.

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#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

Glad you got the hint from my last blitz pipe post in your, Fastest Tomos exhaust thread and did a search.

This is what performance tuning is a bought.

Bragging post belong in the general form,

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instead of a new carb u might wanna consider the uni carb up grade kit from 77mopeds. Also the fairings and square headlight is pretty ugly on those bikes. Check out the bullet headlight and lower handlebars.

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Thank you, CrazyWayne. The search function is very useful indeed. This is how I'm going to approach seeking info on MA regarding any further mods I might make to my SMR rather than just simply throwing a topic out there thats been covered a bajillion times. The wiki spreadsheet I've found out is quite informative as well. Nuff said.

Re: A55 mods

#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

Pleas free to bump some of the best old threads with questions.

Lots of golden info on MA and the links.

And welcome to MA :)

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