noob suspension question

I just got a pair of adjustable shocks for my maxi except i dont know how to replace them with the current stock ones. A tool also came with the adjustable shocks, and i don't know what thats for.

can someone help me out here?

Re: noob suspension question

you mean your rear shocks? you just unbolt the old ones from the frame and bolt the ones you bought on to it . . . what's complicated about it? they bolt to the swingarm at the bottom and to the frame, the side rails and each other at the top.

I would blindly speculate that the tool that came with it is for adjusting the pre-load on the shocks, but that's pretty much a stab in the dark.

Re: noob suspension question

make sure to loosen up your rear wheel before putting the new shocks on. if they are bigger or smaller it might make a difference in the chain tension.

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