L.E.D conversion

Hi there all,

I was wondering if there was any way to convert my 1985 FA50 lights to L.E.D's? I know there has to be a way just didn't know if there was a company that made kits or had any input thanks a lot.

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If you can rig/ build a way to mount them, you can just run small led marker lights. They're made for motorcycle lights, trailers, Big trucks ect...And they are cheap$$. All different sizes and colors & mounting styles. Search for for LED marker lights or look at a local truck stop. Most run on 6-12 volts they don't use much power unless you run a bunch of them. Just make a mount and splice your wires into the light's with some wire nuts or whatever looks good at the hardware store. I did a brake light this way And it works perfecto. No Kit needed.

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just buy some 1156r led bulbs ,plug and play

ppppplusss its only 2 for $5


Re: L.E.D conversion


at the top of that link kinda makes me wary, but i want some.

Re: L.E.D conversion

Charles Cole (OFMC) /

They are available in many places. Just not at that price.

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anyone got anymore links.

Re: L.E.D conversion

everything you want is here - just ctrl f "1156"


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