Performance carb?

Hey i'm kind of new to this site in being a member but i've been reading all kinds or forums you guys have for like a year or so and anyway i'm looking into an airsal 70cc kit and was wondering what everyone's thoughts are about that. If i were to install one what else would you recommend that i do to the bike to increase the performance along with just the kit?


Re: Performance carb?

I'd get a pipe before you get a kit. It's easier to do and harder to screw up. And if you're intent on getting a kit, then I'd add a pipe anyway to it to increase performance. Don't forget to upjet!!

Re: Performance carb?

oh yeah i know my bad i forget to tell you what i already had. i have a tecnigas next already on there with a size 60 jet in but a 56 in the garage incase i should need to change it also i drilled a bunch of holes in my airbox so that i could take all that gas coming in from the 60 and match it with more air. its only doing like 38 and i just need more speed. also wondering about new sprockets i tried putting on just the rear one but it didnt fit i think because i didnt change the front one? not really sure.

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