What is better?

What performance parts are better for top speed? Tecno circut pipe with high flow air filter, or 70cc k-star with the head (treats for the people kit) with high flow air filter. And this is going on a stock maxi. Thanks

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Re: What is better?

You're trying to compare a pipe to a kit. You'll probably gain a few MPH's with either alone. Pipes in general will alter you powerband. Circuit pipes are low end pipes, but you'll gain a few MPH's probably. 70cc k-star will give you all around more power. Ideally, you would get both, and upgrade your carb, and gear out if you are trying to get faster.

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Both are better.

First, get a larger 15-16mm carb to go along with a new expansion pipe. Get your bike running good, then Throw a kit.

Tuning your bike takes patience, and money. But, Riding it around at the speed you want will be worth your investment.

I wish I was 13 again...That's when I had my 1st ped.

Re: What is better?

the kit

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