what carb is best for my 50v

im running a stock motor and carb on my moby 50v with a simonini pipe. (im waiting for the 70cc kits to get in at treats. or any where i can find a one!!) i want to get a dellorto carb but dont know what would be best a 15/15 sha or a 19mm PHBG ruber mount, both with the shorty intake. i really dont know what would be best. please help!

Re: what carb is best for my 50v

a 15mm SHA will suit you fine. Get jets 68-75 and you will have plenty of room to screw with.

Re: what carb is best for my 50v

wait to upgrade the carb wen u get a 70 kit then get the 19 phbg, if u really want something to tide u over get a 15:15 but once u have a kit ur gonna want the phbg option trust me... so its ur call.

Re: what carb is best for my 50v

is there a down fall to having a pbhg on the stock engine?

Re: what carb is best for my 50v

I can't conceive of any downsides, only benefits. I'd recommend a 16mm phbg if you're using the 50cc stock cylinder. The phbg has multi-circuit, which in laymens terms means you can adjust your fuel to air mixture for different throttle positions... whereas with an SHA you've got one, single jet.

If I could do it all over again I'd have gotten the phbg right from the get go---- cuz now that i've kitted I had to buy one and it ends up costing me an extra $100 in the long run. If it's stock, you likely only be tuning the main jet anyways so I don't expect the learning curve to be steep. But if you dive in, your stock cylinder might be more responsive cause you can really get in and tune for best acceleration.

I'm just learning to tune a phbg now, and using the wiki and moped tuners spreadsheet looks like I won't be tuning too many things even with a kit. Most people seem to run with the stock 50 pilot jet and w7 needle at position #2.

go for the gold duder... get a 16mm phbg and larger intake, should be big enough for those 70cc parmas benji's getting in soon :)

Re: what carb is best for my 50v

ok ill take the encouragement! 16mm it is. i hope those 70cc kits come in soon. i cant wait. then my moby will be complete. or will it ;)

Re: what carb is best for my 50v

naaaa, if you get a kit, you'll for sure want a g3 ninja

Re: what carb is best for my 50v

yeah i want one but i heard that you have to get rid of the center stand!!!

oh the horror!!!!

tell me that im wrong!

also why the hell can i find no pedals that clear this damn simonini.

Re: what carb is best for my 50v

downsides to the phbg are that it's much harder to tune, that it has to be re-tuned more often (for instance, when the temperature changes by ten degrees) and that it's more expensive. not that i'm against them - i have a 19mm phbg on my metrakit, but i did soft seize that kit twice dialing in the phbg, after having ridden maybe 600 miles on a 15mm bing without doing so.

16mm SHA and a stock moby cylinder's a very good combination, IMO. I don't have experience with moby kits though.

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