FA50 porting tips and pics needed

I am changing the piston, rings, wrist pin, gaqskets, and honing the cylinder on an '84 FA50.

Anyone got the 1-2-3 porting tips cuz' someone just gave me a brand new dremel with a full kit.

I am a MFG. ENG., so just blueprints and pics will be fine.

Thanks guys,.

Then I will do my 1980 Motobecane le moped and my 1981 Kreidler.

One at a time, tho'.

This one has broken rings.

I can ride the other two.

Any pics in the wiki??


Re: FA50 porting tips and pics needed

mostly get the head milled to stock at least and raise the exhaust a mm or 2. (this is pretty mild)

you can raise the intake port all you want once you find it :P

fa 50s biggest restriction is the stock pipe so get an expansion chamber

Re: FA50 porting tips and pics needed

If you have the bore and stroke, I can calculate you a portmap. Do you want really fast with no bottom end, sorta fast with some bottom end, or slow with tons of torque?

Do you have two or three transfers in your cylinder?

The bike might not go faster with the portmap alone though. you need to make or buy a better exhaust and make the intake and carb larger.

Re: FA50 porting tips and pics needed

Sorta fast with bottom end for the 225lb guy that's gonna ride it.

A port map would be good.

Actually, I have it apart for the ring and piston job, I just wanted to do a small port job, you know make the factory ports a little smoother on the airflow.

I don't need this to be a blaster, its kinda the training moped for my girl.

I just though I could break some edges and make em' smooth, but I can't remember which part of the port not to touch.

I can make 'em wider by accident, not taller right??

The carb and exhaust come later.

I just figured do this now. While it is apart.

There are two from the reed. One big one on the side.

Later tonite I'll get a pic and examine it.

Re: FA50 porting tips and pics needed

So at least how should I do the exhast porting.

I do not know how to post pics.

Maybe break all the edges in the reed intake side.

Re: FA50 porting tips and pics needed

just get it to flow better, and chamfer the port / smooth it out.

the bore is 41mm and the stroke is 37.4 mm

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