New kit seizing?

SO I got my 70cc kstar kit on my puch and it ran better. Not great but ok. I only took it down the block and let it idle for a few minutes. I then upjetted and went to kick it over and it was seized. A spray of wd40 in the spark-plug hole and it kicks through fine now.

Any ideas?

Re: New kit seizing?

Did you set the ring gap before installing it? It could be a number of things, was it running well before you put the kit on? Jetting or oil ratio could be an issue. It could be air leaks, existing ones or new ones.

Re: New kit seizing?

I have seen a lot of threads on here about kits seizing up.

here is my advice when breaking in any 2 stroke use regular 2 stroke oil in the fuel mix. dont use synthetic right off the bat until after the break in period. Use a fuel/oil ratio of

28-30:1 for the break in period(minimum 200 miles).

and use non detergent straight weight 20 or 30 oil in the crank. Any mixed weight oil(5W-20) is a high detergent oil and will cause heat that can lead to seizing your engine period.

Re: New kit seizing?

My K-Star had a ring gap of .003"!!!!! I went wild and filed it to .014. Seems fine. No excess of blowby. Your problem could be many things

New kit seizing?

#CrazyWayne™ rocks. #CrazyWayne /

DON'T let it idle for a few minutes without big fan blowing air at it . 2500 RPM's or higher max 5000 RPM's for the first 20 miles .

New kit seizing?

So how do I check for air leaks from an improper seal or something?

I'm trying to figure out what might be keeping this bike slow and it's kinda getting frustrating.

Re: New kit seizing?

did it run fine before the kit?

to find leaks, spray starting fluid around gaps in your setup.

i didnt do any ring filing.

and screw using non synthetic. i broke my kit in on old gas and synthetic. let it heat up, then cool down and repeat. a couple times. then blast blast blast

Re: New kit seizing?

It ran pretty well before the kit. Not super fast but I did have an exhaust leak but I fixed that when I put the new cylinder on. Hmm.... ok thanks for all the tips guys. I'll let you know.

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