Upgrading a '79 Puch Maxi

I know some people have posted about upgrading on a budget, but I'm new to mopeds and want to know, where can I order a 60-65cc kit of my '79 Puch Maxi. Cost isn't the biggest issue, I just want my Puch to go about 50 or 55 mph and not kill the gas mileage. I've only found a Polini kit on an ebay store for $270 or so. A friend of mine recommends the Molossi (sp?) because he thinks we wouldn't have to port the cylinder but I definitely can't find it.

Any recommendations on favorite kits would be appreciated, but also if you can tell me where to order them. Thanks.

Re: Upgrading a '79 Puch Maxi

ez da snow man !! /

TREATLAND.TV , has every thing you need

Re: Upgrading a '79 Puch Maxi

But you may lose some mpg.

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I figured I'd loose some mpg. I can deal with 80mpg instead of 100.


This one is very cheap but would I have to port anything for that? Is Polini a really good name brand?

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You're going to have to port any kit you get to have it run optimally. check the wiki and search the forums to see what others have done.

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50 or 55 is pretty fast. A polini 65cc cylinder will get you there, but probably not with the stock exhaust and carburetor. When you put on a kit, it is important to match the engine case to the kit you're putting on. Oh, and you NEED to jet your carburetor appropriately.

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55 is pro tuner shit. get your stock to 40 or so first.

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So Graham, are you saying I need to do some minor upgrades first? I really am new to this so I don't know the best way to make my Maxi faster. What kind of upgrades should I make?

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Man it sounds like you dont really know what you are doing or what you are buying. Expecting to get great gas mileage and do 50 without being a tuner is going to be hard for you. I would just kit your maxi with the treats kit and put a pipe and upjet the carb. So steps you need to take.. get your stock shit running great... then buy the kit and a pipe, and a few jet sizes. Then put the new cylinder on... hopefully you know how to do that, or you can look on wiki, then put the pipe on and try a few jets. You shouldnt have to break open the cases or mess with much.. you probably will need to be able to time it right, then put a larger jet in, and switch out jets until it runs right.

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I agree that there are better things for you to start with besides a kit. If you read through this article you'll see a lot of your options for making your moped faster. They're more or less in order of easier/less expensive to harder/more expensive, but obviously the order you do stuff is up to personal preference.

When you kit your moped, you're going to want to have a performance pipe on it anyway. Since the pipe is easy to add, that's a good place to start. You could also do the high flow air filter to help get the most out of your pipe, and DON'T FORGET TO UPJET. Adding the pipe first will help you learn how to tune your bike, which is a skill you'll need to have down before you add a kit.

Then, if you've got the cash, you could upgrade your carb to a 14 or 15mm Bing or Dellorto. This would also be good practice fixing and tuning stuff, and you'd probably get a little more speed out of it. Depending on your gearing, you should be pretty close to 40 by the time you add the pipe, bigger carb, and air filter. (Although there are people who do 40 on less, or who aren't anywhere near 40 with that stuff).

After all that, then I'd say you should kit it if you still want to go faster.

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^^^ well said Linda.

50mph is really fast on a moped. You are looking at a 110lb bike, with small old drum brakes, 2.25" tires (probably old and dry rotted)... I don't know if I would go over 40mph on something that has not been worked over real nice. Before you go for all this speed stuff, make sure your running gear is good to go. Chain, tires, brakes, cables are working well, wheel bearings are in good shape.

40mph on a moped is pretty fast. If you have something which is 40mph, sitting up on flats with no wind, you are going as fast as car traffic on most roads. You will likely get to a light before you get to 45mph. I'm not talking blasting or performance riding here, but just the regular riding on a 1spd auto moped.

Top speed is not everything - keeping up with and getting through traffic is nice too (acceleration, stopping).

BTW your mileage is going way down if you are booking along at 40mph.

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Charles Cole (OFMC) /

I went from a consistent 140 mpg to 95 mpg just by de-restricting the intake, tecno circuit pipe & upjetting on my Puch. That's without a kit or porting the stock cylinder. It runs about 38 mph. Paz has a 70 mph hot rod that only gets 40 mpg. The faster you go the fuel economy drops dramatically. There's a bunch of info on this site, but you have to do a lot of searching to find it. Besides that, you need a bunch of tools & the hand skills to go with. It's not impossible, but start slow & work up to it. If you plan on going fast, then just forget about economy. I know, bad news.

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Thank you to all you guys. I think I get a pretty good idea of what I need to start with. And yeah I'm realizing that 40mph should be fast enough. I just want to be able to keep up in traffic. As long as my mpg doesn't go below 80, I think I'll be happy.

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proma GP pipe, make sure your carb and intake are 14mm, and remove the headgaskets, you'll be at about 35-38 and very happy with the performance.

if your bike isnt already doing 30 or so it is somehow broken or restricted, thats always the first thing to check.

adding a kit is the equivalent of boring out, camming, and putting new heads on a 4 stroke.. inotherwords, its a huge change to how the engine works and if you dont already understand the engine inside and out, you're gonna fuck it up.

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