Dellorto 19mm- ok wtf?

Ok, i'll try to make this clear as possible...

I understand with phbg carbs what the letters stand for-

AS -Clamp mount, left mixture adjustment

AD -Clamp mount, right mixture

BS -Spigot mount, left mixture

BD -Spigot mount, right mixture

Here's where things get whacky. Right or left hand mixture i assume pertains to the perspective of looking into the mouth of the carb, not from the mount side. That said, the carb pictured below is an AD phbg, seeing the mixture adjustment is on the right, correct?

I have a motobecane with a shorty intake, so i need a clamp mount 19mm PHBG that i can access the mixture adjustment from the magneto side of the bike, but i cant find a 19mm AD, only 19mm AS.


Re: Dellorto 19mm- ok wtf?

ok my bad wrong photo. carb above is an AS.

Here's what i'm talking about.

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