Moby 50v ignition coil question

The external ignition coil on my moby is red and says "CEV".... the dudes at 1977 seemed to think it was off some other bike cause they hadn't seen a red coil... anyways I need to replace the spark plug cable coming out, cause it snapped. But I can't get the blasted cable out of the coil, now I've got a hole and I'm stripping rubber out of it with small tools, to no avail.

I suspect it isn't designed to be removed, which sucks.

What can I replace it with? does it have to be a novi coil... can it be a puch coil or some other external coil?

anyone have other ideas of getting it out?

Re: Moby 50v ignition coil question

You can use a Puch or any HT coil. Doesn't really matter.

Re: Moby 50v ignition coil question

that red CEV coil is likely off a cimatti city bike. cant replace the cable.

puch bosch, moby novi, whatever you can get will work.

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