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Alright heres the scoop....I have a 78 freespirt.....I have already removed the restrictor from the carb. It runs and all but when I try and go full throttle it idk boggers down....anyone know why this might be? Im thinking it was something to do with the fuel air mixture. Im not sure though. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Freespirt help!

Plug chop it to see how you're jetted. Probably off there.

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have you tried taking anything out of the airbox? also, my freespirit was geared ridiculously low, so i don't think they top out too well.

plus chop is an easy test (if it's coated in gunk, you have a rich mixture, if it's bony looking, to lean a mixture), so is taking the airbox off, unless it's bogging from not enough fuel. in that caase you would wanna try making the airbox more restrictive as a simple test. then you'd wanna jet up if that helps.

you could also have an air leak, it seems like all old bikes do. so when it's running spray every spot that is not supposed to let air in with carb cleaner. if it splutters down take that spot apart and put a new gasket or seal in.

Re: Freespirt help!

68 main jet and remove the restrictions at either end of the tube inside the airbox but don't remove the tube. Problem solved.

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