Just bought a Tomos LX..Exhaust?

So I just got a Tomos off Craigslist without having seen it firsthand but it was a deal so i sent the dude a money order. I wont be able to pick it up till I'm back from school in a month and I'll only have a week to work on it.

Apparently it doesn't have an exhaust on it.. wtf. but the guy ran it without one as long as he's owned it. He also doesnt know what engine it is and I'm unfamiliar with tomoses but i want to order an exhaust that will be there when i get home to slap on.

SO. What exhaust/jet should I get and what engine does it have? What hardware will i need? I'm thinking i might as well go pro because i'll eventually kit 'er. Best deal? Also, does anyone have a side cover that would go over the airfilter by the carb?

Thanks guys.


Re: Just bought a Tomos LX..Exhaust?

exhaust port..


Re: Just bought a Tomos LX..Exhaust?

It's an A35 motor. Looks like late 90's, early 2000's model. The carb is a Dellorto SHA 14:12 with stock airbox. I think the stock jet is a 53. I can't believe he ran it with a muffler! Bad for the engine, bad for the ears! Pipe is up to you; a lot of Tomos owners swear by the bi-turbo. I run the Jamarcol; it's a lot less pricey than the others and runs and sounds good. If it still has the oil injection system, tear it out and run pre-mix, especially if you're going to kit it. 40:1 should work well. That's a nice looking Tomos!

Re: Just bought a Tomos LX..Exhaust?

Ha thats hott dude, cant wait till u get it so we can wrench on it. dont go bi turbo. everyone with an LX has a bi turbo. get like an estroli

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