17mm Bing Intake

I'm trying to through a 17mm bing on a kstar kit.

I have a spare exhaust pipe I can cut an intake from and seal it off.

But will that work?

Re: 17mm Bing Intake

MagnumX intakes work well and are 17ish. Korado intakes will fit the carb but are only 14 and are shimed and will fit the 17's. Some Kreidler motorcycles have intake that can be made to work. I'll look tonight to see if I have a spare one.

Re: 17mm Bing Intake

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

cut the pipe and see if the bing fits on. You might have to shim it to make it work, but give it a try.

Magnum x intakes are nice, but pretty tough to find. They are 17ish at the top, but only 12.5 at the bottom.

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