Peugeot gilardoni kit mods?

to other people who have the gilardoni kit, and a malossi, or polini case... anyone have pics of how you matched them?

granted, you cant match them cause there isnt enough material on the kit to open the side ports that big...

i could only manage a slight ramp into the side ports , still a bit of a wall for the air to hit when it enters the cylinder though... it makes me want to do better, but i dont know how.

or even any other mods you did to that kit.

Re: Peugeot gilardoni kit mods?

If you can weld on some additional aluminum to your kit, having very smooth transfers is going to help performance a lot. Or add material to the inside of your cases to match the kit. Ideally, match the kit to the case.

Re: Peugeot gilardoni kit mods?

yeah... i thought about that. but it seems tricky... material would have to be added between the cooling fins.

has anyone done this?

Re: Peugeot gilardoni kit mods?

The Gilardoni 70cc kit?

My buddy had that kit before he went with a water cooled Polini and it RIPPED. Didn't have to do much to it either.

Re: Peugeot gilardoni kit mods?

You could always just grind off one or two of the cooling fins near the case transfers. They are not as critical as the ones higher up on the cylinder. 70cc kits have massive torque and great low to mid acceleration but you are going to have to alter the port timings to get it to rev like some of the french 50cc kits do. Rock that kit hard!

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