polini 2 petal reeds on tomos a35?

For a Tomos A35:

Better than the stock reeds? How much better?

Worth ordering some? or not?

I'm using the Daelim intake and a 16mm dellorto SHA. 50cc stock cyl, with the exhaust outlet opened up and hump dremeled out, stock exhaust port window.

Lemme know and discuss...

Re: polini 2 petal reeds on tomos a35?

I use the puch polini reed block on my airsal with the bar in the middle of the block cut out as far as the performance goes if you are going for top speed get some thicker paper for it. the block is nice if you are using the short under frame intake because it is thinner and its easier to get the carb off of the intake. I run 50mph all day with a 14/14 carabela sha delorto not the fastest bike but it never breaks down and its pushed many broke down riders at rallys.

Re: polini 2 petal reeds on tomos a35?

oh ya i never had any luck with 16/16 over the 14/14 on my stock bike if you want an awesome set up get a 15mm phbg with that intake and you will get low end power like you would never belive and still go just as fast on the top

Re: polini 2 petal reeds on tomos a35?

bump, i just have a 16 lying around so that's what I'm gonna use . I'll report back here on how it performs, I gotta get some new rings first.

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