What gas mileage-- Hobbit w/ leo vince

Howdy guys,

I am going on a trip from new york to philadelphia tomorrow on my hobbit, which is stock other than a leovince pipe and an 82 jet (78 is stock).

What gas mileage can i expect? Is it okay to run an 80 jet, and if I did, would i get better mileage?

Should I run synthetic 2T oil? Right now i'm running 25:1 coastal, but i have a feeling i've gotten some ash in the pipe.

and I haven't done any plug chops yet...

Also, i have a another hobbit, bone stock with no pipe and a 78 jet, would that get better mileage?

I know I know, mileage isn't the end all, but for the purposes of this trip i want the best mileage possible.

Any thoughts much appreciated!

Re: What gas mileage-- Hobbit w/ leo vince

i would suggest doing a plug chop immediately, and getting your jetting right.

forget mileage, it will be good no matter what. make sure your shit doesnt explode. thats key.

Re: What gas mileage-- Hobbit w/ leo vince

King Drunky JCams /

What davey said.

Mad props for riding big distance on your Hobbit BTW.

Re: What gas mileage-- Hobbit w/ leo vince

25:1 is way too rich. I run 40:1 on dino oil and it runs great. If you are going to run a full synthetic you can run at 50:1.

My stock hobbit with a Proma Circuit (essentially the same a s LoeVince) gets about 80mpg. I don't think that the stock one will get any better.

Be sure to wear lot and lots of warm clothes.

Re: What gas mileage-- Hobbit w/ leo vince

let me reinforce the point about jetting. Jetting controls the air/fuel mixture. Without proper jetting you will get poor performance or you will seize your engine. Don't seize your engine, get the jetting right for your setup and not worry about the gas mileage. Half the people on here run big kits and get half the gas mileage you will get.

Re: What gas mileage-- Hobbit w/ leo vince

I also want to point something out, neither gas mileage nor tuning related. I have ridden 80 miles on a hobbit. if you have the long seat, i suggest practicing your "side saddle" skills. that seat is very very very uncomfortable after a long distance. if you have the nice wide grandpa bike seat, then you're fine.

Re: What gas mileage-- Hobbit w/ leo vince

Before I installed a DR kit my mileage was 85 mpg.

Figuring fuel capacity you'll have to hit the reserve every 50 miles. I'd stay with the 82 jet that one worked best for me. As far as ratio I ran 32:1 on dino then 50:1 on synthetic just before I changed the cylinder and never had any problems. BTW where you starting that trip from, Rockland County?

Re: What gas mileage-- Hobbit w/ leo vince

Thanks for the replies guys. I'm starting from lower manhattan. the goal is to be able to get over 100mpg... if i don't then the trip is going to be way out of my budget, like 6 bucks round trip :)

Anyway, sounds like 100mpg is tough to get. Rats.

I'll try to do some chops tomorrow morning. i'm certainly not lean!

which would get better mileage, a stock one with a grandpa seat or a 82 jet leovince one with a long seat?

Re: What gas mileage-- Hobbit w/ leo vince

Lower Manhattan means your going over GWB no other way to NJ from there Unless you can convice a ferry to take you over to Jersey City. Thats a nice run good luck.

Re: What gas mileage-- Hobbit w/ leo vince

Raymond Rexroad /

With a stock cylinder and a LeoVince, a 78 or 80 is fine. You shouldn't need an 82 jet. I'm running two Hobbits with LeoVince's on them. One has a stock 78 and the other an 80. The plugs look pretty much the same between the two.

In the end, it won't make that much difference. An 82 jet will pass 2.5% more fuel than an 80 jet, so instead of getting 80 miles per gallon, you'll drop to 78 miles per gallon (this is just an example, "your results may vary").

Re: What gas mileage-- Hobbit w/ leo vince

you could get 100mpg... Avoid stops and starts, drive slow. Go 20-25 the whole way. Does not sound fun but like a car, how you drive affects your fuel economy a lot.

Re: What gas mileage-- Hobbit w/ leo vince

While K&R has had good results with a stock bike and his Leo I had just the opposite with the same set up. I soft seized with a 78 jet and an 80 jet on long rides. Finally had good results with the 82 jet. As others suggested do a plug chop on your machine to be sure.

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