30yrs old and not broke in......

i was reading the intrutions on my fanatic and it says dont go full throttle untile after 400 mile.

i got my ped with 200 miles on it. after investigating.my forensic lab says it was seized from sitting,they had got the piston free by inserting a steel rod into the spark plug hole and hammered on it.

in the process they busted the bottom piston ring.

drilled out as much restriction that i could and i seized the motor 7 times getting the mix right for this winter temps.

but im thinking with only about 300 miles on her she is not even broke in.

she only did 24 MAX even going down hill.

now she is going 40mph downhill! and it seems she is getting faster every day as she breaks in at full throttle, stock ped

Re: 30yrs old and not broke in......


Re: 30yrs old and not broke in......

You are pretty bad at mopeds dude. Do the moped cylinders of the world a favor and learn how to jet.

Re: 30yrs old and not broke in......


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