19mm vs. 19.5mm phbg

So i'm finally getting a handle on tuning my phbg and i never would have thought there would be such a difference between .5mm. I've studied the spreadsheet for the garelli's inside and out, the only 2 19.5mm's on there are running main jets in the 100 and the 19 is down in the 90's. I thought to myself, this can't be right but low and behold i got my garelli up and running today running a 93 main. Started plug chopping and i was getting lean results all the way up to a 99 (the largest i have), it's still lean but looking better. My lowend is coming around with each upjet and hopefully tomorrow it should be dialed in.

Anyway just wanted to say thanks for all of the help and once it's sorted out i'll post the results along with some finished pics of my little winter project.

Re: 19mm vs. 19.5mm phbg


I was thinking about the two carbs the other day. Why would they make two carbs that are so close in size? I mean, why not just a 19 and a 20? Also, I see the intake sold at Treats is for the 19.5mm and up carbs, but no the 19? Am I missing something here?

Re: 19mm vs. 19.5mm phbg

You got me, maybe someone with a little more experience with these could chime in.

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