Stock Puch Brakes WTF

I posted the same thing in the repair section, and someone told me that my pivot was seized. But i can move everything. The pivots work. I have all new brake pads, and on the last set of pads, i cut diagonal lines, to make them stop more efficiently. That only worked for a day, and then my brakes went back to useless. I have regularly roughened up my inner hub of the rim, but that only works temporarily. I have been doing a lot of engine mods, and i still cant stop. So does any body else know whats wrong, or how I can get my puch to stop better?

Thanks, will have attachments


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In the last attachment, the brakes are in the relaxed position.

In this one, I'm squeezing them the hardest I can.


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This sounds all too familier. I have encountered this problem on several bikes. First if you havent put some high quality sythetic grease on the pivot points on the brake pads. Next your cables may need attention. I have had many problems because of cables not moving as free as they should. Sometimes you can get some grafite and put it down the cable without cutting it but sometimes they stick so bad that I have cut the end off at the brakes and pulled the inner cable out to fill them with grafite. They you reassemble them with knarps. Lastly grease your break levers if they need it make sure everything is smooooooth as silk. Hope that helps.

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You want a specific type of sand paper to clean your hubs. It's name escapes me at the moment, but most sand papers have some kind of silicone or some oil or something in them that is what gums up your brakes so quickly. I think it's oxide something or other paper, they have it with all the and paper at any Carquest or Autozone or Shucks or whatever your local flavor is.

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Thanks a lot you guys. I'm pretty sure the problem is in the cables, because thats the only recent change since this problem occured. Thanks for all the tips, and I'll be back if I have any more problems.

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you want aluminum oxide sandpaper. Because you don't want the silica/garnet in regular paper left behind in your hubs. Either way clean em up with brake cleaner when your done. don't use carb cleaner or anything else that will leave it oily.

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