Crank to use.

I am building a motor

korrodo cases

80 metra large port

I am not sure as to what crank I should use. I was thinking about a dmp unstuffed.

also which clutch should I use?

Re: Crank to use.

) Cupermcnewbster ( /

stuffed dmp with the stuffing removed.

Re: Crank to use.

is dmp stuffed with stuffin removed different than the dmp unstuffed?

what about the rito crank too? isnt that better?

Re: Crank to use.

the dmp stuffed as oiling holes on the small end of the con rod and a slit on the big end the unstuffed dos not i did not like the rito i just got a stuffed kstar and i was going to take the stuffing out but it seams much harder than my dmp so i am just going to run it

Re: Crank to use.

good info. stuffed kstar? does that have a goodoil holes?

Re: Crank to use.

got it.

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