i am rebilding a za over the next few weeks any one have any stuff i should do to make the bottom end better it is going to be a 80 metra kit that i have ported as far as i can.

any pointers will greatly help out

thank you

Re: za-50

Paz posted up some very good ZA-50 information in the Wiki.

You may want to flip the second clutch... this seems to make it shift later and slower, so it burns the second clutch a little more, instead of letting it grab hard. If it grabs too hard, and especially if you don't change the shift dampeners, you can shear the teeth off of second gear.

Re: za-50

what are people using to make the shift dampeners better

Re: za-50

I've heard a certain size garden hose has the correct Inner diameter to use to mold that hardening polyurethane liquid they sell.

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