Snowflakes Vs Spokes Question?

So my maxi has snowflakes and my magnum has Spokes.

I noticed that the maxi kinda starts rides rough at higher

speeds even on SUPER smooth ground. Kinda like there is a lump in the tire. I have inspected the wheels and tires very close and there appears to be nothing out of the ordinary. Tires are only a couple months old Repacked bearing and a new axle not too long ago. but the problem stays the same.

The Best description i have is seems like the wheels are not balanced, feels like driving a car that needs the wheels balanced.

I took it to the motorcycle shop but the wheels were just a bit too small to fit on there balance machine. The guy there told me how they used to balance wheels before the machines were around. I tired that several times and by that standard the wheels seems to be in balance.

Now my Magnum with the spokes and exact same tires rides like a dream. Even at 50+ its smooth as glass.

So I'm curious if anyone else has noticed a funny feel to the snowflakes?

are all snowflakes like this or did i just get a bummed set?

I'm working on a new build and really like the look of snowflakes but if that's just the way they are I'm gonna ditch them for the spokes. Gotta take Smooth over style?

any ideas?

Snowflakes Vs Spokes Question?

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Re: Snowflakes Vs Spokes Question?

is the wheel evenly spaced (side to side) on the fork? tire bead seated evenly all the way around? Bent axle? Play or worn bearings where the fork goes through the frame. is it possible that the imbalance is in the rear wheel and it just feels like the front?

Re: Snowflakes Vs Spokes Question?

Go to bed. We have got a big day tomorrow and i don't need my big guy tuckered out in the morning!

Re: Snowflakes Vs Spokes Question?

Everything on it feels great. No play in the wheels or forks. Spaced VERY even, tires sit on the rim fine. brand new bearings and axles about a year ago. There is just something strange about these wheels and its driving me nuts.

Re: Snowflakes Vs Spokes Question?

Charles Cole (OFMC) /

More than likely it's not the wheels. The suspension on the 2 peds are completely different. That's why the Magnum is so smooth. It has a real damping rather than just springs. On top of that the spoke wheels are actually lighter than the mags, so the damping forces will react quicker to changes in the road surface.

Re: Snowflakes Vs Spokes Question?

Ever have the wheels trued or balanced? When the wheels are at speed, even a small difference in mass will have a huge effect on their feel.

Re: Snowflakes Vs Spokes Question?

the human house /

i got a spoke wheel once with a balancing weight on the one side. i took it off and omg it sucked so bad

Re: Snowflakes Vs Spokes Question?

Thanks for the info!

I guess i will try putting the snowflakes on the magnum and see if they still ride rough.

I have had the Spoke wheels trued and the snowflakes seem to be balanced.

Ill let you know if they ride better on the magnum.

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