exhaust port za50

So can anyone tell me if there would be any benefit of just matching my exhaust port to my pipe. I just rebuilt the lower end this summer but didnt do any porting on the case (and dont feel like splitting the case again anytime soon). Its a stock cylinder and head with high flow 14mm bing and intake that match the cylinder intake port. The exhaust is a techno boss, so much larger diameter than the exhaust port.

I have a dremel but just want to know if it will make a difference. What is the suggested dremel bit to use for this kind of work?

Re: exhaust port za50

Crap, nother question. Any suggested first step mods for a35, Ive been doing my research on hear and know - pipe, high flow and gearing. But is there any thing to do to the cylinder ports while I have the dremel out?

Re: exhaust port za50

any time you can match two things together and make them flow better thats a good thing on any ped. intake and exhaust.

Re: exhaust port za50

Jason Luther /

you can widen the port, up to 26mm (or else the ring will snag), but if you raise or lower it (lowering wont do anything since it'll always be behind the piston) you change the port timing and even a couple mm's can make a big difference (both good and bad). Do a search to see what other people have done with the exhaust port and pay attention to the pros and cons. BTW it ill be the same as the one speed E50

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