alukit e50 rebuild

here are a few pics of my first rebuild... dmp stuffed crank, phbg 21mm, new seals and bearings, molassi 4 petal reed, techno estroil, case matched, ported, exhaust and transfers really polished, intake a little polished.. some odds and ends to pull it all together and Bam... this baby really hauls... its been about two weeks now and i'm really impressed.... 13x36 gearing. don't know my true top speed but i travel 45mph zones, i know people speed and i'm either right there or slow passing people in the left lane... WOT... i ain't fraid of no hills no more.....

Re: alukit e50 rebuild

Re: alukit e50 rebuild

Jake Shaughnessy /

looks like a beast. get some gps on it!!

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