chrome Pinto 2 tank paint removal

On a pinto 2, the tank is crome with paint on top of it.. Has anyone ever had luck with removing this paint to leave a shiny chrome tank? I want to do this to my pinto tank, but I don't want to remove or dull the chrome underneath. I know you could use jasco paint stripper, but will that strip/dull the chrome?.. Any tips? thanks..

Re: chrome Pinto 2 tank paint removal

King Drunky JCams /

I don't know about a pinto 2 exactly but my pinto had a chrome top and bare steel beneath the paint. I taped and clearcoated mine so there would be no rust. Looks tough.

Mar-Hyde Tal Strip Paint Remover Spray - I get mine at Advanced Auto Parts. Spray it on, wait ten minutes, wipe/wash away the paint. Sanding sucks.

Hope this helps.


Re: chrome Pinto 2 tank paint removal

Yeah j that bike is what gave me the idea for the chrome tank. That's strange that you didn't have chrome underneath the paint. I chipped some of my paint off of my tank and it's chrome underneath. I'm gonna try that stuff you recommended.

Re: chrome Pinto 2 tank paint removal

the human house /

i know my swinger 2 has chrome under the pant. i scraped some paint off . and it was chrome. i was thinking the same thing about getting the paint off. ill try some spray and brush on removers this week.

Re: chrome Pinto 2 tank paint removal

I used a citrus paint stripper i found at my local hardware store. Worked great brush it on and let is site for a couple hours and the paint wiped off with a cloth. I don't remember the brand name.

Re: chrome Pinto 2 tank paint removal

chemical paint stripper should not harm the chrome since it is applied through a plating process and has none of the same properties as paint.

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