i recently rode my friends moped and noticed his had more power off the throttle than mine, i am new to mopeds and know little, so i am wondering is there any reall little things i could do that cost super cheap or just take a screw here and there to give me more power off the throttle, thanks - charlie

Re: power

ok your 14, i was too but now im 20.

ive got 6 years of riding under me and so much more to learn.

i started with a 79 Puch Maxi Newport, witch basically went faster by pulling the air-filter off because they're were "over-jetted" from the showroom for break-in. i didnt know that tho, i just did it and it happend to perform better.

tomos are generally fast mopeds stock, yours is a 98? thats pretty new too. i would say. pull the spark plug, inspect its color, advance the timing all the way on the ignition stator(kind of a bitch for 14 year olds(no offence) esspeccially if you have oil injection), and pull the cylinder head and trash that head gasket for more compression, unbolt the exhaust and clean out any carbon deposits stuck in the header or the exhaust port of the cylinder. thats 4 things that will lead to better performance that wont cost you a dime.

oh and get to know your carburator, you should be able to rebuild them in your sleep.

hope that helps~SABAT

Re: power

Charles Cole (OFMC) /

Good info^^^^

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