Exhaust missing the header pipe!? What now?


I'm rebuilding a ROG Pony Express with E50 engine (the same moped as the one in my profile).

The previous owner showed no mercy for it, and I found it in a pretty poor shape.

Now, I almost done with the rebuild. The last thing to mount is the exhaust. And that is where I noticed sth strange.

I noticed that something was loose inside and when opened it I found out that the header pipe that was welded to the curved exhaust pipe was broken and banging on the inside walls. The exhaust is not the typical Puch stock but something different.

It is shown here:

It can be opened only from the back where the baffle is.

I can not weld it since it very deep inside.

The question is:

What if I run the bike without the header pipe?

What will suffer? Speed? Noise? Up/down jetting?

Thank you all.

Re: Exhaust missing the header pipe!? What now?

Failed with the picture.

It's in the attachment.


Re: Exhaust missing the header pipe!? What now?

I think you've got your terminology backwards. The curved pipe is the header the fat part is the baffle. If they are broken or leaking they're not really worth fixing. a new expansion chamber is the only way to get some performance out of your bike (re jet for that). Can't recommend running just the header, no performance, really loud, NOT good for the engine.

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