Almost there, just a few more ?'s

Ok so i'm pretty damn close to having this thing ready but wanted to get some opinions before moving on. So i was able to get out today and do some tuning, got my main jet pretty well sorted out but still have the slugish takeoff. Here's where i need some advice, upjetted my idle from a 45 back to a 50, low end got better. Moved the clip from bottom to top, then back down to the 3rd clip, low end was still better on the richer settings. I've got the idle screw pretty far out and was thinking, if i upjet from 50 to 52 that might solve my low end bog, at least to a suitable degree. What do you guys think, i need some advice here.


Garelli noi

70cc Polini

19.5 phbg

19mm intake

Main 96

idle 50

needle W9 3rd clip

Polini air fliter

Estoril pipe

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