Magnum Tail Light... LED... ????

Before I get scolded, I know that this isn't a performance question per se but this is obviously the forum to get reasonable technical answers without having to read through chicks with dicks or music posts on the general board. So...

I'm working on a cafe-ish project with my Magnum and I need some tail light advice. I'd like to run a LED tail light either mounted under the seat or in the rear trunk.

Will I be able to use one designed for a motorcycle because most of those are designed to just plug into the specific electronics of the bike and/or have turn signals built in?

Can I just cut off the connector and wire it up?

Mopeds are 12v and motorcycles are 12v but obviously they have a battery so, will that cause an issue?

Help a novice out here with any specifics from those who have done something similar...


Re: Magnum Tail Light... LED... ????

Semi Marker lights work great!

They are 12 volt but light fine.

I use one on my bike. You gotta get creative with the mounting, but they are cheap.

Magnum Tail Light... LED... ????

preposterous! /

Puchs come 6v not 12v. Treats has 12v coils you can buy to remedy that situation though. I'm working on a similar project and have found that a little 4amp 12v battery will just barely squeeze under your side cover.

Running a battery is somewhat of an obstacle though, because your electrical system is AC and batteries need DC current. To convert the AC to DC, you need to get a diode bridge rectifier.

You plug one of the AC (~) ends into your power coming from the 12v coils, and the other AC end into the frame. Then you should get DC + and - from the DC ends, which you can run through a regulator into your battery.

Once you have 12v power running though, running a 12v motorcycle taillight should be possible.

Good luck dude!

Re: Magnum Tail Light... LED... ????

You could do all that^^^^

Or just hook up a 12v semi marker light...

They are like $12.

Re: Magnum Tail Light... LED... ????

yeah you can run 12v bulbs on the 6v system, no problem.

Re: Magnum Tail Light... LED... ????

Could I get the 12v coil from Treats and use the semi marker which is 12v so it's bright? The Treats description suggests using a regulator...? Would I have to run a battery like suggested above to use the 12v coil?

Re: Magnum Tail Light... LED... ????

12V semi marker is plenty bright on my 6V ped...

Doesn't take much to light a LED.

Re: Magnum Tail Light... LED... ????

preposterous! /

No battery necessary. I'm setting mine up with one for turn signals and a loud-ass horn.

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