malossi 62 jet/pipe/carb opinions

picking up a 62 cc malossi kit for my e50 pinto. right now i am running a 16 front/ stock snowflake gear back- cylinder / piston from a maxi za50 14 delorto but i had to use a 12 minarelli sideways intake so it is working as a 12, a 57 jet . stock pipe.

i plan t get a pipe. i fixed my bing and got a 72 jet for it i have 14 and a 14 intake with the rectangular bottom port. advice or direction if anyone has any. thanks

Re: malossi 62 jet/pipe/carb opinions

i believe the kit has a 15 size port, i am thinking i should get a larger intkake and carb, i can match it up , not scared. would a 19 be to big or should i stay in the 16 range with that size kit. ? gearing opinions ? should i go down to a 15 front adn what size back would anyone suggest?

Re: malossi 62 jet/pipe/carb opinions

a couple people i know who are running that kit and are using either 15 or 16mm dellorto carbs with matching intakes and an aftermarker pipe, the bullet or the boss. like you said, the kit has a 15mm intake port, so a carb around that size would be best. i believe chris from tbs is working on opening the intake port on one of these kits to 19mm then using a 19 carb. i have not heard of anyone else going that large, so i cant say how well it works.

if you're not going to make the intake port bigger, i dont see any reason to go higher than 15 or 16mm.

Re: malossi 62 jet/pipe/carb opinions

cool. thanks, only a few of us around here have peds with kits, most 70 cc. so i needed a bit of input on the 62 cc . i think i will keep it 15/16 for now , not to destroy anything that i cant go back from if i loose performance from enlarging the port.

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