Tates new theory on NO2

So I was sitting in english class the other day thinking about small engine stuff and how I saw some british guys on you-tube that had hooked up an nc50 express with nitrous. I was just kind of rolling the idea over in my head about how your leaning out your mixture super hard without adding any gas to the mix. Then I had this idea. Bare with me on this one, I could be way off but I think it might work, IF you overcarbed BUT tuned the bike to run optimally with the choke on, then using a cable choke hookup turned the choke off and shot the no2 at the same time.

This being said, I feel I should admit that the only EXP. I have with NO2 is

A.) Doing whippits at a rave when I was a kid and

B.) At the dentists.

Now commence poking holes in my theory.

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wait I thought choke richened mixture, not leaned it . . . that's why you need it to get the engine started on a cold day . . . why not just pull your choke lever when you pull your NOS lever?

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Just use a wet kit. A wet kit adds extra fuel whenever you use the NOS so you won't run lean.

And a bike runs richer on choke, as it get's less air.

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no2 just adds oxygen to the burn process and lowers the temp of incoming air, so if you remove enough oxygen by choking it, to balance out the mixture, you end up with the same mixture and same amount of power.

roald is right, you need a wet shot kit to run n02 on a carb'd vehicle, or a really fancy carburetor

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do you know a good, extremely small, wet n2 kit? i've seen pics of dutch bikes with n2 kits - do you know any that people have had success with?


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Yes, use the search. I posted some links some time ago.


Here ya go. And yes, awesome power doesn't come cheap.


Re: Link

thanks very much, that thread looks awesome

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wow, sorry, I feel super retarded. For some reason in my head I got the function of a choke backwards. I mean, I know what a choke does, I just totally got it backwards for some reason.

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Just run nitromethane?

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The problem with nitromethane is that you can't run it for a couple of seconds. It takes a lot of prep and the effects last atleast a minute or so when you use it.

I've had an idea about using 15% nitromethane fuel in a seperate tank on a seperate fuel line. To use it you would turn the normal petcock off and the nitromethane petcock on. The nitromethane would slowly mix into the floatbowl and then end up in your engine. When you turn it off however, it takes time to clear the floatbowl of the leftovers.

This whole setup poses a few problems:

1. You can not turn off an engine when it is running on nitromethane. Even a little amount of the stuff will cause the engine to selfcombust. So if anything goes wrong or you need to stop, you have a HUGE problem.

2. You'd always need to run lead-replacer, special 2-stroke oil and octane booster in your normal fuel or the nitromethane would arrive at the same time as the additives, leaving the engine unprotected for a short period of time (As the nitro would burn but the additives haven't bonded to the cylinderwall and piston yet.).

3. I wouldn't like to sit on a moped that has a tank of nitromethane strapped to it. Gasoline fires can be bad, but they are a candlelit dinner compared to a nitromethane fire.

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Hmm... I never thought 1 was a problem, guess I never thought it through all the way then. How do top dragsters start their motors then if the thing has a tendency to explode violently?

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err... I mean stop their motors... wait wow, I read that post way too early in the morning, ignore it!I take it the top dragsters just cut the fuel off via the injectors.

Not even hitting the kill switch to stop the spark would kill the combustion of nitromethane? Shits goes diesel?!

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Top-fueldragsters don't even have sparkplugs, neither do RC-nitro engines. And yes, it works through the same principal as a diesel engine. Self-combustion by compression.

And yes, the dragsters stop their engines by cutting the fuel. Something which is pretty hard to do on an engine with a float-bowl carb. You could cut off air completely, but I don't know what effect that would have.

This is why I'm not touching nitromethane:

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I been using one of thoes dry shot NOS kits you can get on ebay for cheap I sprayed 10 takes over a period of time of it it my polini and still have 200psi of compression and never had a problem I just upjettted until it just started 4 stroking a lil bit and only use for about 4 secs. but man talk about power it says you get 50% more power up to 5 secs with a fresh tank my bike will pop a wheelie at 50mph and take off like a damn rocket.What a ride.SO far its been good for me.cant dish out $1000 bucks for a wet system.

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Like the above people said, there is absolutely no reason to NOT use a wet kit if you're planning to try Nitrous - unless you fully plan on destroying your engine.

Either you have the money and it's a possibility, or you don't do it - plain and simple.

And in fact, a wet kit can be pretty cheap to set up if you go find suitable solenoids yourself, and buy the smaller custom made parts from a company like Nitrous Express (Just the bottle and nozzles). The cable can be acquired pretty cheap, and you will need to make the jets yourself anyways, because any commercial nitrous ones are like 5x the size you would need for an ~80cc displacement moped. There was an amazing site posted earlier that I can not remember the address of...it could be in the other thread about nitrous on here.

@ Hitace - you are going to destroy your engine; I promise you that. If it's not directly from leaning out, it's going to be from a combination of timing + leaning out. Even when you carefully select a jet that's optimized for nitrous, the timing gets advanced as you pump nitrous into it. You're going to blow your engine, it's just a matter of time.

Those $30 kits on eBay or whatever are just an accident waiting to happen.

Sure, you can spend $1000 on a premade wet kit - or you can make your own that's actually better because it's MADE for mopeds for like $2-300.

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