60cc athena or TCCD 70cc

i have a stock puch maxi and i'm starting to upgrade which one is better for a top speed? also i will be adding a bitubo.

Re: 60cc athena or TCCD 70cc

Top speed won't differ too much. I'd go for the TCCD, but that's because I love those kits. Great value for money.

Never heard of a 60cc Athena kit by the way, any info on that one?


Re: 60cc athena or TCCD 70cc

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

he means the ajh/eurocylinder/whatever kit.

I really like the eurocylinder also mainly because its super reliable and well built, 1 ring, and you dont need to adjust the port timing with like 3-4 gaskets.

needs a little dremel work to put a 19mm carb on but they are great kits

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