motobecane 50v exhaust wich one is right for me

im looking at exhausts on treats for my moby 50v

i was thinking the simonini vintage 2 part ball joint tec or the simonini performance carbon fiber

im working on $120 for this

im not really sure what to look for im trying to get some more power out of my bike

suggestions please

Re: motobecane 50v exhaust wich one is right for m

oh ya, those old pipes are mostly crap.

Re: motobecane 50v exhaust wich one is right for m

dude, double posting is not cool!

Re: motobecane 50v exhaust wich one is right for m

Nobody can give this guy a straight answer?

Alright. Most of the vintage line moby pipes on treats aren't that great from most reviews. They are mostly restricted (though can be removed) but I also am curious to know what the insides of one of them are as nate bandit cut up a leo vinci cobra moby pipe and found that it was just a straight tube with the illusion of an expansion chamber.......lame. SO who knows how those treats pipes are inside, especially with the mixed reviews. The preball joint pipe on treats seems like it will fail after a month or so (just speculation- no one has had one for that long yet to write a review), and the other ones don't use a ball joint and all the weight of the pipe rests on the motor mounts and engine (some argue that this helps acceleration as it keeps yr variator in a lower gear for longer- i dunno). for 99 bucks they aren't terrible though. And if you are looking for just something to help out yr moby i would go with the simonini (not the sliding header) simonini. Carbon fiber silencer or not it doesn't matter but for the sake of picking one, go simo carbon fiber. Now don't expect AMAZING results but for your pricerange these are about as good as it gets.

The Ninja G2, G3 and/or dopplers are all rad pipes but require modifying your setup to take advantage of these particular pipes.

and are a bit more expensive.

Also, it would be a good idea to go with a 15 dellorto sha and 15 intake to take advantage of a pipe on that stock av7 cylinder. just to make sure. if you wanna port it too that would help!

Good luck dude.

Re: motobecane 50v exhaust wich one is right for m

thank you

your info is greatly appreciated

i plan on getting that 15 dellorto sha soon im just low on funds

Re: motobecane 50v exhaust wich one is right for m

Just to say - if you are interested in one of those vintage pipes from Treats but are worried about the "restrictor" mentioned, don't. My simonini pipe had this pathetically tack-welded little cone thing right at the top of the header. One weld had failed in shipping and was rolling around loose in the pipe... the restrictor came off with a twist of a small philips screwdriver. I have not run it yet but it fits the budget and looks cool.

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