plasma on my moped?

can u run plasma on a ped?

Re: plasma on my moped?

what good is it?

Re: plasma on my moped?

seems pretty cool.

but hows it different then regular cdi?

is it cause theres a condenser that it runs through and a off switch every pulse?

Re: plasma on my moped?

it looks like a regular old high performance battery ignition

Re: plasma on my moped?

What you could do is get a pulse plug cap from Pulstar make sparkplugs with an internal capacitor (or resistor or something) that increase the amps on discharge. They do not make plugs for too many different applications but they do make a cap that goes between your regular sparkplug and the sparkplug cap and is supposed to make a more complete burn. I havent tried it yet though so I cant tell you what the improvements are....

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