m48 tuning

anyway to get a m48 to 40 without spending alot time and money?

I know there is a wiki on it, but im just asking from a personal standpoint.


Re: m48 tuning

no. anyway you do it, to get to 40 on a bat, is a labor of love.

Re: m48 tuning

new bearings and seals. deck the head and cylinder. do the clutch mod. get the largest header you can and weld on an expansion chamber (you will have to do the fabbing). port the cylinder. thatll get you into the mid-40s, but acceleration wont be great. no way to do it via short-cut, though. still, not as much work as it might seem.

Re: m48 tuning

sounds like a lot of work for someone who has never owned a ped. I can def do the welding of a larger expansion champer. But decking the head and cylinder , and porting the cylinder sounds eh.

Re: m48 tuning

find a really big hill. spend some time driving up it. hold on.

I love my m48s, but they take a lot of time and patience.

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